First ever Inter-Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) introduced in Laos between BIC Bank and BCEL Bank.....!

BIC Bank Lao and BCEL Bank Lao had an official opening ceremony on February 14th 2020, at Lao Hotel in the presence of Mr. Sonxay and Mr. Soulisuk from Bank of Lao for the new Mobile App launched for fund transfer between BIC and BCEL.

This will help the customers of both the banks to transfer funds on a real time between the two banks. The customers of BIC will be using BIC BEST Mobile App developed by CashLink Global Systems (CGS) and the customers of BCEL will be using BCEL ONE mobile app developed by BCEL In-house team for all fund transfers. Customers can transfer fund in three different currencies, the KIP, Thai Baht & US Dollars.

The Bank of Lao PDR sees the importance of pushing banks in Laos to provide fintech services to the citizens of Lao and increase the financial services digitally in Lao PDR. The Bank of Lao PDR will monitor the real time fund transfer app established between BIC Bank and BCEL Bank. In the near future such services will be enabled to other business banks which will improve the financial business services in LAO PDR.

Mr. Felix, Sr. General Manager of BIC appreciated Cashlink Global Systems(CGS), India as

“ Thank you team CGS who facilitated to make the IBFT launch between BCEL and BIC on 14/02/2020 a success as everything went well without any major issues. The hardwork and dedication portrayed by your team member is very commendable and we are very happy and satisfied by their commitment to meet our  expectations.” 

We CashLink Global Systems take this forum to thank BIC Bank Lao for giving us this opportunity to serve your bank and support you to move into the digital space of future banking.

CashLink Global Systems Pvt. Ltd.


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